Work Culture

We have highly encouraging and energizing work culture at Jupsoft. The factors that create this type of ambiance inside our premises include the following

Cordial Relationships Among Colleagues

Our employees are very cordial, warm and gentle. They have good interaction among themselves. They love to work in tandem and do not put off their work.

Flexible Working Hours

We have flexible working hours for our employees so that they can look after their families well and also meet their needs. In addition, they become consistent with their commuting time.

Energizing Refreshment

To keep the tiredness and boredom of our employees at bay, we offer a variety of refreshment, such as coffee, tea, bagels, cookies, donuts and pastries, fruits, yoghurt, etc.

Sumptuous Meals

We have a cafeteria, where we serve sumptuous and nutritious meals to our employees to satisfy their appetite. There is hygienic environment in cafeteria and our chefs take great care while cooking meals.

Events and Tours

We celebrate all the important events in our office premises with great pomp and show and distributes expensive gifts among our employees. From time to time, we take our employees to different tourist destinations for their rejuvenation.

Recreational activities

To boost the productivity of employees, we have different activities for them, such as board games, chess and cards. In addition, they can practice meditation and floor exercises and listen to music.

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