Admission management System Software

Admission Management System Software

Gaining admission to a school is big a proposition. It involves so many procedures that it is not possible for clerks and teachers to give admissions to students using pen and paper. It is an admission management system software that carries out all the procedures step-by-step and makes the admission process simple. The different procedures that it handles include registration, enquiries, online admissions enquiries, enquiries followup and reminders, auto-interaction scheduling, offline/online registration with fee payment, documents submission and reminders through email and SMS and criteria-based selection. All these procedures are ticklish and a minor fault can spoil the whole working system. The Admission Management Software for Schools/colleges is so designed that it performs its functions without any technical glitches.

With our admission management system software, the admission process has given much relief to students, teachers, clerks and admins. Those, who have the required cut-off marks, can easily get admission to the schools of their choice. They need not stand in long queues to apply for admission. All the required information will be made available to students digitally. Moreover, this mode of admission is absolutely safe and secure and there is no leakage of any confidential information. In modern times, it is really a smart and sophisticated method for students to seek admission to schools.


Innovations and technological advances have always been a part and parcel of the education industry. But 2020 has necessitated changes and innovations like never before. One of the powerful new mantras that is reinventing today’s world is automation. While most schools and colleges across the world have taken to teaching online, many others have gone further and have opted for online processes and automation of key functionalities.

Student registration and admission management is one such key function of schools and colleges that should be automated and processed online. Effective admission management begins from pre admission procedures and goes on till registration and enrollment. The data further syncs with student life-cycle management and is carried forward automatically for school administration purposes. Jupsoft brings you the ultimate admission management system software, that can handle and automate all tasks related to admissions and can seamlessly sync with the school ERP system. Here are some benefits of deploying Jupsoft Admissions Management module.

Enquiry Management and Quick Summary View

Enquiries received can be sorted as per different categories like qualified, processed, or rejected, and stored for further reference or action. Admission dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all data related to the admission process on a single screen. Now you can get an overview of enquiries, applications, enrollments, seats left, etc. in graphical and tabular format to enable informed and quicker decisions.

Reduced Response Time with Automated Replies

Customized automated replies help reduce the communication gap and keep the leads alive till further action is taken. Reduced response time creates a good impression and holds the interest of the prospects by creating a personal connection.

Customized Application Forms

Application forms can be customized according to your institute’s specific requirements and be embedded in the school website and social media platforms for better coverage and online presence. Admission Management Software for Schools/colleges will help generate more enquiries and also enhance brand recall.

Applicant Status Tracking

Status tracking makes the process transparent and helps applicants to know exactly where he stands in the entire process in real time. This would not just save multiple calls to the office asking for status, but would also help generate traffic to the school’s website, encouraging them to view the latest updates and know more about your institute.

Online Admission Tests

An online test to help select deserving candidates can prove to be extremely beneficial for a result-oriented school or college. It will be especially desirable to screen students applying for higher classes or those coming from different states or countries.

Online Payment Facility

Automated invoices, reminders and receipts can make the payment process much quicker and easier. Multiple payment gateways enable applicants to make payments online, using the payment method of their choice, from anywhere and at any time

Admission Management System Software
Help to Generate more Enquiries

The admission procedure builds the first impression and provides a preview of the institution where one will study for the next few years. An old-school image may be a deterrent to today’s students and parents, who are full of aspirations for a brighter future and expect a futuristic approach to all things around them!

We at Jupsoft are there to help you catch the vibes of today’s applicants and present them with a futuristic experience with our products and services that can be customized to suit your requirements and match your institution’s image and values.

  • Effective admission management system software for schools and colleges not only enhances the brand value of an institution, it also displays the technological advancement and love for innovation in an institute.
  • With the correct software and API integrations, you can also harness the huge prospects of social media by integrating the same and linking it back to your admissions portal for generating enquiries.
  • Today’s generation wants instant answers to their queries. A chat box or instant messaging facility helps connect to prospects and reduce response time further, facilitating quick decisions and registrations.
  • A vibrant and dynamic admissions portal will garner more attention from prospects. It will also encourage them to go through the school or college website to know more about the institution.
  • Analytical reports based on factual data can help marketing and admissions teams to come up with better strategies to meet organizational goals.

The use of technology is becoming increasingly decisive in improving visibility, generating enquiries and increasing applications.

Efficiently manage the entire admission process from application submission to enrollment with our tailored and comprehensive Admission Management Software for colleges. Our Admission Management Software for Schools offers a streamlined solution to simplify the entire admissions process. From online application submission to enrollment, our software automates administrative tasks, enhances communication with applicants, and provides valuable insights for admissions teams. With customizable forms, automated notifications, and comprehensive reporting features, our software ensures a seamless experience for both schools and prospective students, making the admissions process efficient, transparent, and user-friendly.

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