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It's not easy running a school. The sheer number of processes involved can be debilitating, particularly if they are not integrated. With the help of Jupsoft’s school information management software, you can handle all of these procedures in one seamless system rather than a hundred disparate ones. Customized dashboards and email/notifications on the web and mobile devices may keep parents, instructors, and students informed.

Schools information Management Software aids in the management of all daily school activities, such as administrative work, instruction, curriculum management, student attendance, student information, fee record management, homework management, etc.

All stakeholders can see a single dashboard view that compiles all the pertinent data and you get it with Jupsoft’s education ERP software for schools. Parents and instructors can also stay informed with real-time access to information about student progress, attendance statistics, and future events, which improves communication between the school and parents.

School information management system that's secure, flexible, and all-in-one!

In the dynamic landscape of education, efficient school information management systems are imperative for smooth operations. Best School ERP software emerges as a comprehensive solution, revolutionizing administrative tasks and enhancing the overall learning experience.

School ERP software acts as a catalyst for modernizing educational administration, promoting efficiency, transparency, and collaboration among stakeholders. Whether it's a small primary school or a large university, school ERP software offers scalability to meet diverse needs

Get Enhanced Learning, Encourage Skill Development, and Get Better Learning Results with Jupsoft's School ERP Software!

Maintaining a competitive edge in this constantly shifting world requires being able to foresee and act rapidly on shifting business situations. Jupsoft school ERP software manages every aspect of school-related activities using a single application. In this application, we discuss the modules for Admission, Fees, Examination, Inventory, Accounts, Library, Infirmary, Store Reception, Class Teacher, Time Table, Attendance, assignments, calendar, planning, and other topics with an improved reporting system.

A Cloud-based Online School ERP software with all the latest facilities including Curriculum/Lesson Planner, Visitors Management, Online Classes and Video Upload Facility, and Student Learning Assessment.

How Does School ERP Software in India Help?

Handling school management is not simple. Organizing the schedule, exams, tests in class, attendance, fee collection, accounting, etc. for the students and staff. Well! It is the moment to put an end to these concerns. To simplify routine activities, Jupsoft offers you Information Management Software For Schools. Everything within your school or administrative work can be managed, tracked, and recorded via one single point of contact. Our free online school administration system features an admin, staff, and student panel, exam, attendance, and fee collecting modules, as well as inventory, salary and cost management, class test, and student and staff data record systems. Jupsoft’s best school ERP software in India for end users is incredibly simple to use and operate.

The School information management system/app enables the school to execute various jobs without expending excessive time & effort, which is necessary for any school to operate their daily activities methodically.

  • Complete student life cycle management
  • Keep records of alumni students.
  • Repository tasks like tuition, health information, and scholarships.
  • Get information in the desired digital formats
  • Assess homework, grades, tests, etc.
  • Produce MIS and graphics reports
  • Recognize the learning gaps that kids have
  • Make curated lesson plans.
  • Get rid of the attendance calculations done by hand
  • Online enrolment and receipt creation
  • Simple data management
  • storing data in the cloud

Prominent Features and Modules of Jupsoft's Best School ERP Software

Our education ERP software is an AI-powered system that offers data insights that may be used by organisations to increase operational effectiveness. We connect education and technology.

  • State-of-the-art ERP Structure
  • Customized solution for every need
  • Separate Portals for every role
  • Effective LMS Solution
  • Admission Management
  • Student Information
  • Accounts
  • Assessment/Exam Management
  • Mobile Application
  • online live classes
  • Desktop version for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • WhatsApp, Bulk SMS & Email Integration
  • Multilingual
  • Set institute Info like logo, name, tagline
  • Printable Reports

School Information Management System/Software for Different Boards in India

Jupsoft's School Information Management System/Software controls all types of educational institutions and schools including SBE, CBSC, ICSE, international, and state board schools.

Benefits of Best School ERP Software for CBSE Schools:

  • Effective Data Management
  • Grade book and Report card Creation
  • Student Assignment Management
  • Workload Reduction
  • Video conferencing Integration
  • As per the most recent CBSE CCE pattern, customised
  • Efficient and effective parents interaction
  • No necessity for faculty to create and maintain individual student records.
  • Automatic scoring calculations for formative and summative evaluations
  • automated report cards that follow the CBSE system
  • Exam results are sent to parents and guardians through email and text messages.

Benefits for ICSE Schools:

ICSE school is a private, non-governmental board of school education in India. The Indian School Certificate (ISC) and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) are the two exams it administers in India.

Jupsoft School Management Software has a wide range of configuration options, is fully customised, and adapts assessment and examination models.

Benefits for International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools:

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in international education, fostering enquiring, knowledgeable, confident, and caring, young people. Our programmes allow school-aged students to take responsibility for their learning and help them develop future-ready skills to make a difference and prosper in a fast-changing world.

  • Jupsoft adapts different learning approach that stimulates students' curiosity, fosters their drive to study, and equips them to achieve in their vocations and live meaningful lives.
  • Students learn the connections between their classroom learning and the real world.
  • Select the subject as per their interest
  • Jupsoft thrive to help students to develop global personality

Why Jupsoft Education/School ERP Software?

Jupsoft's School Information Management System effectively manages all administrative and non-administrative functions of a school, such as daily activity monitoring, student admission, and student tests, among other things. This programme provides several modules needed for a school to function and caters to all types of schools—CBSE, IB, ICSE, State and International Board.

We take delight in showing our best in business school management software/applications.

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Jupsoft promotes resourceful and insightful learning and teaching experience for both students and teachers.

  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • 35000+ Educators
  • Customizable Features and Plugins
  • Smooth User-Interface
  • Daily Notifications, And Tracking System
  • Promote A Paperless Process Helping Schools to “Go Green”
  • Smooth User-Interface
  • Next-Gen AI-Powered Technology
  • Outcome-Oriented Education Software
  • Generate Real-Time Reports
  • Grade Lists and Consolidated Mark Sheets
  • Student Registration Details
  • Login For Students, Teachers, Mentors, Principals and Parents
  • Receipts, And Challans
  • Data Security and Backup
  • Active Stakeholder Support
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