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Online Assessment Software

To realize ambitious students' dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, managers or any other professional, coaching institutes have mushroomed all over the country. They prepare students for various entrance examinations that are conducted by prestigious colleges in the country. With the online assessment software, they can easily gauge students' learning ability and prepare them accordingly. It complies with all the a coaching institutes that prepare students for various entrance examinations, such as medical, engineering, management, etc. It helps teachers in many ways conducting exams online, evaluating answer sheets, allotting marks and giving remarks entry, making customized report cards, publishing report cards online, making graphical and range analysis, etc. In return, students are tremendously benefitted. They can take the exams without any stress regardless of their locations in a stipulated time. The question paper comprises various types of questions, such a multiple choice questions, true and false and fill in the blanks. Time is allotted for each question and students are required to attempt the questions in the allotted time. Exceeding the time limit will deprive them from attempting the questions, which will lead to the loss of marks.

iExam has introduced online assessment software in coaching institutes to simplify the test assessment process. There are many advantages of using this software. First, teachers are able to evaluate the answer sheets easily. Second, teachers need not do any prior preparation for making question papers. The software helps them in making various types of questions. Third, the software is highly interactive and has a customizable interface. Fourth, rigging is prevented in the exams, so students cannot cheat. Thus, the exam is held with honesty and transparency. Fifth, since there is no use of paper in the examination, this prevents paper wastage. Online assessment software itself is a user-friendly system that any computer literate person can use to reap its advantage. For coaching institutes, it has become an indispensable software. Without its application, it would be hard for them to prepare students for various entrance examinations.