Transforming The Future Of Learning

Jupsoft offers comprehensive LMS (Learning Management Software) for schools to introduce e-learning opportunities for their students. We are dedicated to redefining the learning experience by providing access to learning resources from any part of the world!

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What is a Learning Management System?

Learning has surpassed the boundaries of classrooms because we live in a digital world that has introduced tremendous learning opportunities for everyone. Now, anyone can access information and course syllabus from remote locations.

The advent of e-learning platforms has made the schools, colleges, and educational institutes to search for streamlined solutions to manage their administrative and other works.

A LMS (Learning Management System) is a software that allows institutes to deliver the educational courses online. It also allows you to restructure the training programs, create syllabus, manage classroom activities, and access student information through a single platform.

Jupsoft is an edTech company that focuses on providing customized LMS solutions as per your requirements. Our LMS for School enables you to:

  • Manage student activities systematically
  • Provide advanced e-learning materials to students
  • Grade students & monitoring their progress
  • Create online tests and assessment
  • Design syllabus and exam-timetables
  • Provide a comprehensive student-teach collaboration platform
LMS for School in India

How does our LMS work?

Only those who are registered on our learning management software can access it by entering their login credentials. We provide you with the option of engaging with the students through online means.

Each stakeholder can be assigned with separate rights and authorization to manage the LMS effectively. For example, administrators can login into the LMS to manage the learning content and modify it.

Teachers will use their login credentials to assign homework to the students or publish the test results. Teachers can also be authorized to create courses and introduce them via blended, hybrid, or completely online mediums.

Students can log into the LMS to submit their projects/assignments, track their progress, or download the study materials. They do not have any authorization to change or modify the content of the syllabus and neither can they make changes to attendance and other crucial systems.

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Types Of LMS We Offer

Mobile Apps

At Jupsoft, we have developed dedicated LMS that can be accessed via a mobile app. This type of learning management software allows you to access, track, and manage learning activities through any location. We offer iOS and Android compatible mobile apps designed for complete student-teacher engagement!

Cloud-Based LMS

Our cloud-based LMS allows your students to access the learning materials or content from anywhere by using their login credentials. They are developed on a SaaS business model and allows you to make changes or upgrades in the system via cloud.

Self-Hosted LMS

Self-hosted LMS has to be downloaded and installed on the user system individually. This type of LMS offers greater control and customizations to the users but they have to maintain their system individually and may have to pay for the updates as well.

Key Features Of Our LMS


Our LMS for School allows you to set up a virtual classroom by integrating multi-lingual support and other feature-rich tools. It allows your teachers to implement the best teaching practices while collaborating with the students online.

Organize Exams

You can conduct proctored exams or mock tests to analyze the preparation of the students before the actual exams. The results of the exam can be calculated and published online. Our LMS is designed for safe and secure organization and conduction of exams.

Mobile App

We offer a user-friendly mobile app that allows the students to interact with the teachers, access online materials, and attend a virtual class on the go. Our mobile apps are optimized to provide the best learning experience to the students.

Extensive E-Library

Our learning management software can be integrated with an extensive e-library that consists of books, questionnaires, descriptive questions, and other learning resources relevant to the courses offered by your institute. They enhance the knowledge of the students and help them to prepare for the exams.

Tracking daily activities

Our exclusive LMS comes with inbuilt provisions for sharing exam timetables, syllabus, calendars, and other learning resources with the students. They also allow the teachers to track the daily activities and events on a daily basis.

Auto-assessment of tests

We offer a comprehensive LMS that not only evaluates the test scores via an automated software but also allows the faculty to share the feedback with the students and parents.

Advantages Of Our Learning Management Software

Hassle-Free Learning
  • Start learning from any location
  • Multiple assessment alternatives
  • Improves student study cycle
  • Customized learning environment
Centralized System
  • Efficient feedback system
  • Easy monitoring of student details
  • Customized & scalable offerings
  • Quick access to learning resources
Reduced Costs
  • Saves time & administrative costs
  • Quick & optimized training programs
  • Ability to track the progress of students
  • Real-time access to student performance reports

Who Needs An LMS Software?

An LMS Software can be used by:

LMS for School in India
Colleges & Universities

For offering online courses to students who live in other nations and regions

Best Learning Management Software in India
HR teams

To provide training programmes to instructors and other staff members

LMS for School in India
Professional Groups

LMS can be used by companies who offer medicinal, financial, and other services to impart training required to meet license requirements.

Best Learning Management Systems in 2024
Business persons

To offer short-term courses to budding entrepreneurs to enhance their accounting, marketing, writing, and other relevant skills


Why Choose JupSoft?

JupSoft offers end-to-end solutions for both academic and non-academic institutes. Our goal is to offer customized solutions as per your requirements. We provide learning management software that is integrated with AI and cloud technologies to impart complete safety and security to the student data.

Our software offers a user-friendly interface to all your stakeholders. We strive to provide a platform that can be used to ease the administrative operations without creating any privacy-related risks.

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Transforming The Future Of Learning


LMS i.e. Learning Management Software is a web-application developed to streamline the learning process for students. It also provides convenient options to track their performance and access their skills.

Jupsoft offers comprehensive edTech software which helps you to produce and deliver high-quality content to help the students to develop their skills and knowledge.

The key features of learning management software include:

  • User-friendly communication platform
  • AI-powered dashboard to analyze student progress
  • Tools to evaluate student performance
  • Vast learning resources
  • Digital library system
  • Online assessments and tests generators and evaluators
  • Managing & tracking student data

The key advantages of enrolling the LMS are stated below:

  • LMS offers an easy attendance recording & tracking feature
  • It offers a large pool of learning resources to the students
  • It encourages institutes to expand their catalog of online courses
  • LMS saves time and reduces administrative costs
  • It allows institute to conduct an in-depth analysis of the progress of students

The following steps can be followed to implement learning management system successfully:

  1. Identify the learning limitations of your institute by discussing with faculty
  2. Find an ERP vendor that offers reliable services
  3. Convey your requirements to the vendor and customize it according to your needs
  4. Request for a demo before buying the licensed copy
  5. If there are any issues, ask the vendor to make the changes
  6. Implement the LMS through web/mobile app, cloud-based, or self-hosted platform
  7. Launch the learning management software to make it live!
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