Single Platform To Manage & Streamline School Admissions

Jupsoft school CRM software can unlock new verticals for your school by streamlining the admissions system. It is integrated with dedicated admission management software that handles enquiries, admissions, and enrollments through a single platform.

  • End-to-end communication system
  • Safe & secure payment gateways
  • Performance tracking dashboards
  • Complete support from registration to enrollment

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Paperless Admission Procedure For GenNext Schools!

Gone are the days where parents had to visit the schools personally to collect admission forms. Nowadays, most parents are too busy for this and want the schools to provide them with an online admission system.

Jupsoft’s Education CRM for Lead Management offers paperless admission forms that allows the parents to complete the admission formalities online.

You can use it to centralise enquiries, registrations, admissions, communication, fee collection, and other vital components of school management processes.

Our school CRM system is capable of providing a complete and satisfactory admission experience to the parents!

  • Centralisation of enquiries
  • A complete admission platform
  • Dedicated communication channels
  • Built-in fee collection system
  • Complete support till student enrollment
  • Easy-to-use application form builder
  • Report building tools & analytics
  • Simple document uploading system
Real-time Analytics

Monitor Performance On-The-Go

Our intuitive dashboards let you track performance of each school and class. They offer analytics that help you to determine the best performing channels, limitations, top performers of your team, and more in minutes!

  • School-Wise Detailed Reports
  • Dashboard For Financial Data
  • Report Building Tools
  • Advanced Dashboard For Improved Experience
  • Counsellor Performance Dashboard
  • Dashboard To Optimise Marketing
Unified School Platform

Manage Your Group Of Schools Proactively!

Managing a chain or group of schools can be a challenging task. Jupsoft’s intuitive school CRM software allows you to identify the true potential and brand image of every school.

You can mark down the USPs of each school to optimise its admission and other processes. Its user-friendly performance analyser dashboard lets you know the latest trends and insights. It allows you to focus on the schools which need a push from the school administration.

We offer complete visibility when it comes to analysing parent profiles using actionable data and insights to optimise the enrollments!

Reliable Admission Portal

Providing Hassle-Free Experience To Parents

Jupsoft’s ultimate goal is to provide exemplary experiences to parents so that they can recommend your school to their friends and relatives. We offer highly customisable dashboards to map the enquiries and improve retention rates of your school. The parents can apply, track their applications, communicate with staff, and make the payments through a single portal now!

  • Complete Dashboard
  • Track Applications In Real-Time
  • Simplified Query Management
  • Get Notifications Instantly
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Dynamic Enquiry Allocation

Seamless Enquiry Allocations Within The Network

One of the key features of our school CRM software is its ability to allocate the enquiries to the appropriate student counsellors. It helps you to identify the interests of the students which can be used to optimise the enrollment rate.

We offer both automated and manual enquiry management for individual schools and groups. Real-time notifications and nudges help to alert your staff to take the action at the right time. It reduces the response time of your team and helps you to allocate the incoming enquiries within your school’s network efficiently.

  • Real-time & logic based allocation of enquiries
  • Customisable actions as per the interests/signals
  • Improved response rates
  • Access to analytics & reports
Know more about the enquiry allocation process here!
Optimised Payment Procedures

Advanced Fee Collection System

Our school CRM software is integrated with an advanced fee collection system that allows you to collect different types of fees within seconds. Implement discounts, make easy fee collection plans, and introduce new offerings within a few clicks!

  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Automated Invoicing & Receipting
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Instant Financing Options (Both Interest-Based & No-Cost EMIs)
  • User-Friendly Reconciliation Dashboard
  • Conditional Payment Workflow Maker
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Maximise Your Conversions

Automated Response Systems To Maximise The Conversions!

Enjoy our robust features that help you to analyse the interest of parents and monitor their decisions automatically. You can create impactful automation workflows to support each parent during the admission process.

Smart notifications and nudges automate the tasks of directing the parents to the next steps even if your staff members are on a leave!

  • Automated Admission Journey
  • Deep Analysis Of Enquiries
  • Highly Personalised Communication
  • Automated Responses To Enquiries

Why Choose Us?

School CRM For Centralising Leads

Nurturing Enquiries & Leads At Every Step

Jupsoft offers highly intelligent Lead Management System Software that nurture the leads and enquiries at every step. Our school CRM software allows you to create highly optimised workflows to collect, manage, and centralise the parent enquiries.

We distribute the enquiries obtained through different sources and minimise the chances of lead duplication. We empower your teams by nurturing lead workflows and driving the admission process smoothly. You do not have to be dependent on any age-old admission software solutions or ERPs now!

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Automating Applications Via School CRM Software

Application Automation

Our intuitive application automation system directs the parents seamlessly throughout the admission process. It helps to scale your admissions and provides a smooth experience to the parents through an application tracking system. You can also design your forms with simple and user-friendly application form builder tools!

Explore Our Application Automation Here!
Insightful Reports & Analytics

Track Growth Seamlessly

Our insightful reports and analytics dashboards allow you to monitor the performance of counsellors closely. They also allow you to analyse the reports and make decisions on the go!

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Monitor The Overall Performance

Undiluted Communication Channels

Our 360-degree communication channels help you to track and manage communications seamlessly. They allow you to maximise the potential of your admission campaigns by sending bulk emails, SMS, and Whatsapp messages in seconds!

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School CRM software is ERP software optimised for managing the different processes of school like admissions, enquiry management, fee payment, and more. Jupsoft school CRM solutions help you to utilise insightful reports to make decisions in real-time. We offer marketing tools that maximise your reach by sending out SMS, emails, and other communications to the parents.

The main functions of school CRM software includes:

  • Identification of enquiries
  • Lead nurturing and optimisation
  • Keeping track of student activities
  • Providing a seamless experience to parents

The key advantages of implementing school CRM for higher education are listed below:

  • Enhancing student admission lifestyle
  • Monitoring student-life cycle within the school’s network
  • Securing the admission details and make it accessible to be administrators
  • Managing Group schools
  • Tracking fee payments and sending timely reminders

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