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Purpose and Who We Are

Jupsoft is dedicated to providing comprehensive applications for parents, students, and educational staff, fostering a seamless platform that encapsulates various aspects of a student's learning journey within an educational institution. This privacy policy pertains to the data processed within our portal and applications, and it outlines how we handle information about our clients. Upholding your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to safeguarding it in accordance with our privacy policies. This policy specifically addresses:

  1. The nature of information Jupsoft may gather when you access or use our websites, applications, and other online services.
  2. Our protocols for collecting, utilizing, maintaining, and securing the acquired information.
  3. The scope of this policy which pertains solely to information gathered by Jupsoft's services, excluding third-party platforms such as Google Play or Apple Store when downloading Jupsoft Mobile Apps.
How We Collect Information

Jupsoft does not directly solicit data from students and parents. The data present in our software is either shared by educational institutions with which Jupsoft holds a signed contract, or it is collected by the institutions themselves in cases where the data is required by the institution to fulfill their responsibilities.

Legal Basis for Processing Personal Information

Before any data is acquired from an educational institution, Jupsoft enters into a contract with the institution. Data is not obtained from the institution until both parties have signed the contract.Before any data is acquired from an educational institution, Jupsoft enters into a contract with the institution. Data is not obtained from the institution until both parties have signed the contract.

Data Collection

Personal information of students and parents is directly collected by the educational institutions. Jupsoft does not initiate direct data requests from students and parents.

Data Sharing Process

Jupsoft provides data templates to schools for the necessary details required for various applications. The schools then share this data directly with us. During this process, no third party gains access to the data. In some instances, schools request applications for staff, students, and parents, where data collection is necessary as per the institution's requirements. This is solely to facilitate the institution's educational operations.

Usage of Personal Information

We exclusively employ the collected information for the functionalities of the applications utilized by the school. We do not disseminate data to any external parties.

Data Storage

All data shared with us by schools is treated as confidential and secured. To uphold the confidentiality and security of personally identifiable information, Jupsoft enforces the following measures:

  • Our servers hold SAS70 Type II compliance and ISO 27001 certification.
  • Our data centers, distributed globally, are under constant surveillance, 24x7x365, with stringent defense mechanisms against unauthorized access, theft, and fire.
Retention of Personal Information

We retain personal information for the duration of our ongoing contract with the respective educational institution. If our contract with a school/college concludes, we provide all existing data to the institution and subsequently delete this data from our servers.

Data Sharing with Third Parties

We do not share personal information with any entity, including third-party vendors. In cases where software integration with a third-party app is necessary, we obtain explicit permission from the educational institution. Jupsoft does not engage in selling your information to advertisers or other external entities.


'Cookies' are used for the Login functionality on our websites. These cookies are set by Jupsoft and are used to authenticate your login.

Data Security Measures

Jupsoft implements a range of physical, electronic, and managerial measures to ensure unauthorized access prevention and data security. We follow industry standards and employ encryption, secure password practices, and rigorous server protection. Our system is designed to counter various security threats, and we validate third-party service providers for payment processing compliance.

Data Privacy

Jupsoft is committed to maintaining data privacy through stringent security measures and restricted access for our staff to personally identifiable student information during technical support interactions. Our servers undergo regular patches to guard against security threats, and daily backups are performed to mitigate potential data loss.

Personal Information Collected

The data required for parents/guardians of education institution students to use the software effectively and access relevant student information includes mandatory fields such as student data, parent details, and school details.

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