Simplified ERP Solutions For Non-Profit Organisations & Trusts

Non-profit organisations like NGOs, trusts, and social welfare societies have to take care of multiple internal processes like other businesses. They need to manage inventory, volunteers, payroll, list of donors and donations, government funds, and more. To manage the complexity of their organisations, they can opt for a customised ERP solution.

The customised ERP solutions will help them to automate processes like attendance management, bill generation, inventory management, and more. By automating their processes, these organisations would be able to focus on their benevolent campaigns and missions.

Benefits Of ERP Solutions For NGOs/Trusts

1. Account Integrity

NGOs and public welfare trusts need to focus on capturing donations and grants from various public and private entities. At the same time, they also need to minimise their expenses to save money for their projects and campaigns.

An ERP solution with an account management system will help them to maintain a transparent and updated account book. It will be integrated with latest tax policies and regulations stipulated by the government. At the same time, it will help the NGOs to handle the donations received in different currencies.

The clear records offered by the ERP solution will help NGOs/trusts to manage their budget effectively!

2. Better Project Management

An advanced ERP solution can be used to send reminders about specific projects and campaigns to the volunteers and other key stakeholders of NGOs and trusts.

Monitoring funds, creating alerts for collecting donations, and other processes can be automated using this ERP solution. It will help them to manage their resources better and complete their projects on time!

3. Payroll Management

The payments of paid volunteers and staff members can be managed effectively through an ERP solution. The documents and details of each member of the organisation can be saved securely in the database. The attendance of volunteers can also be tracked using our advanced ERP software.

4. Communication with donors

NGOs and trusts can use the ERP software to maintain the relationships with their donors through unified communication platforms. Emails, text messages, and other modes of communication can be integrated into this platform to not miss out even a single conversation!

5. Embracing the technology

Trusts and NGOs must embrace technology to be relevant in this changing world. A rapid rise in the online fundraisers and charity programs has posed a severe competition to the traditional NGOs and trusts. The ERO software can comprise the visitor management and other latest features to make the most of their online presence.

Why Jupsoft?

Jupsoft offers complete end-to-end solutions to various businesses. Our ERP solutions for NGOs and trusts are highly customised as per their daily operations and processes.

We include special features and tools in our ERP solutions which helps them to track their project activities and volunteers seamlessly.

Latest cloud-based technologies help them to store the donor data safely. We safeguard the payment gateways to maintain the safety and integrity of every transaction.

Connect with us today and transform your NGOs/trusts through our digital solutions!

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