Best College ERP Software in India on Your Fingertips!

Manage registrations, enquiries, follow-ups, attendance, examinations, results, payroll, and all other aspects of your institute with our comprehensive institute management software!

Best-In-Class ERP Software for Institutes

We have developed customized ERP software for institutes/colleges to streamline their payroll, inventory, accounting, fee collection, and other processes.

  • Intelligent Performance Tracker
    We have integrated a performance tracker that tracks the progress and performance of every student to help your institute develop unique plans for their growth and success.
  • Generate Assessment In Seconds
    Our software is able to generate thousands of tests through the AI-powered assessment generation in seconds. It helps you to organize the tests without any manual effort.
  • Easy Access to Study Resources
    JupSoft’s cloud-based technologies enable the students to access the study resources from any part of the world. We have developed extensive study materials that are made available digitally through cloud servers.
  • Complete Fee Management Module
    Look no further as we have developed a complete fee management module that helps you to generate bills and send payment reminders automatically. It also helps you to track all the payments effortlessly!
College Management Software India

Highlights Of Our Best College ERP Software in India

Our College ERP software automates and integrates various administrative tasks such as admissions, enrollment, academic scheduling, faculty management, and financial aid. This streamlines processes, reduces paperwork, and saves valuable time for administrators and faculty members.

Jupsoft’s customized institute/college management software enables you to handle the administration works of your institute via mobile apps.

Hassle-free Admission Process

Our online admission forms facilitate a paperless admission process and provide an eco-friendly way of managing admissions through campus management system..

Explore more about the admission procedure here!
Safe Payment Methods

Jupsoft provides a guaranteed and secure payment gateway with status tracking feature to ensure the safety of each payment!

Know more about the fee payment gateways here!
Streamline Staff Management

We have integrated payroll, attendance, leave, and other modules in our College ERP software for efficient staff management.

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Benefits Of Our College ERP Software

Each stakeholder has benefited one way or the other from our college management software. Jupsoft’s customized College ERP software in India provides a seamless experience throughout the student lifecycle, from admission to graduation. It facilitates student enrollment, tracks academic performance, manages student records, and provides support services, enhancing the overall student experience.

College Management Software India

For Instructors

  • Dashboards for monitoring progress of each student
  • Seamless communication with parents and students
  • Accurate report cards to evaluate the performance of the students
  • Automated evaluation of tests
College Management Software India

For Students

  • Easy access to learning resources and study materials
  • Options to download course materials, exam time-table, etc. from cloud
  • Dashboard to track their own progress
  • Seamless communication with teachers
College Management Software India

For Parents

  • Online registration and fee payment facility
  • Access to student information system
  • Direct communication with instructors
  • Alerts about exam timetables, student behavior, etc. through notifications
College Management Software India

For Administrators

  • Secure and private data
  • Completely online admission process
  • Automated test generating process
  • Automated administrative tasks

By implementing College ERP software, colleges and universities can significantly improve their operational efficiency, enhance communication, and create a more streamlined learning environment for students and faculty.

Specifications Of Our College ERP Software

The key specifications of our institute management software include:

  • Multi-branch management
  • Management of enquiries and admissions online
  • SIS (Student Information System)
  • Staff & Faculty Management System
  • Class Scheduling & Exam Timetable
  • Question banks
  • Management of mock tests
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Fees Management System
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android users
  • Performance Management System
  • Fee reminder
  • Student and parent portals
  • Digital Library Management System
  • Attendance tracking system
College Management Software India


Institute management software is designed to manage payroll, attendance, admission, and other processes of the institute online. It reduces the administrative burden of your institute and allows you to focus on the core business aspects.

The price of the coaching class ERP software depends on the number of students you want to register for admission and other processes. It usually varies between INR 12 to INR 150 per month depending upon the number of processes you expect the software to manage. It means that the coaching class ERP software can cost up to 18,000 per student annually. Please remember that this is not our pricing but a standard rate that different vendors and ERP developers charge.

Yes, the institute management software is customizable which allows you to integrate the processes that you expect in your coaching management software. At Jupsoft we offer highly customized coaching management software as per your requirements.

Yes, the competitive exam coaching institutes can use the cloud-based coaching management platform that provides easy access to learning resources and details via cloud for managing the administration seamlessly.

SIS (Student Information System) is an integral part of institute/college management software.. It helps the institutes to track the student data for maintaining their grades, attendance, and other records efficiently.

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