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The employees are the real assets of any company. And, as a responsible employer, you cannot negate it. The growth and expansion of your company are possible only when your employees are working honestly and diligently to boost the productivity of your company. But, the question that arises is: how can you ensure that they are performing their roles and responsibilities according to your expectations? Well, with the application of employee tracking software, you can maintain a constant vigil on their each and every move.

What is employee tracking software?

It is a software used to track the employee’s activities along with their active time in the organization to aware of their actual performances without an employer interference. Concisely, an employee tracking software is a computerized system assisting the employers to keep tracking the record of employees and their active time without a paperwork and their efforts.

Pros associated with staff tracking software

In an office set up, there are several employees and there are various shifts in a duty. Whatever the hour is the employees have to stay during the stipulated time frame if it is not a flexible working hour job. Whether your employees working diligently and honestly or not can be tracked by staff tracking software. This software allows you to figure out whether employees performing responsibilities as per your expectations or not. It has become easy to maintain a constant vigil on every move with this solution. Nowadays in offices, there is the use of staff tracking software. This software helps to track the staffs’ presence, timings his working hours break and every other thing. Anyone who has owned or managed a business knows that the scheduling of staff can be a royal pain in the rear. It helps track location of employees, view their attendance, measure distance travelled, and track their meetings and more.

Keep your eyes opened on the performances or active hours of your employees is not less than a daunting task. However, with the advent of an employee tracking software, this task turns into seamless as it involves attendance tracker, performance analyzing, and payroll monitoring system.

Pros associated with an employee tracking software

We offer an employee tracking software assisting employers with diverse tasks and aspects without their interferences. Besides a money-saving perspective, this employee monitoring software assists to track the employees’ hours to aware of the actual and accurate payroll data. This software ended up all paperwork along with maintenance of excel sheets.

Employee Monitoring Spot attendance queries early

The best advantage of installing an employee tracking software is, it eliminates the daunting process of recording of the demanded number of hours every day or working overtime in an accurate manner. This tracking and monitoring software is entirely worked like needed by the employers as it automates the long processes by deleting time-consuming payroll and performance monitoring tasks.

A valuable investment of your employees monitoring

Employees are the real assets in an organization and without their presence and effective productivity, the output will never be fruitful. Installing an employee tracking software will assists employers to know about the specific performance of their employees without their presence. This assists them to determine uninterruptedly about the promotions or award-winning certificates for their employees.

The activities that you can perform with the software

With its application, you can do the following activities to manage your employees:

Employee Monitoring Software
Track the location of
your employees
Employee Tracking Software - 2019
I need to view their
Staff tracking Software
Measure the distance
travelled by them
Real Time Location Tracking
I need to track their
Best Staff tracking Software
I need geo-tagged data
Online Employee Tracking System
I need geo-tagged
evidence upload.

Why choose Jupsoft

Reliable and fool proof

Staff Tracking Software

Works Offline

No mobile network is required for this function. As soon as it is connected to the internet, it automatically has access to data.

Best Employee Tracking System

Low power and data consumption

The consuming power is as low as 1-2 MB per month data and the capacity of a battery is very low.

Online Employee Tracking Software

Tamper Proof

Ascertain whether the members of your staff are making endeavours to disable GPS or not giving you permission for the location.

Employee Monitoring Software

Multiple Authentication options

Allowed to enable IMEI level or facial identity or fingerprint to ensure that the individual using the app is the same person whom he or she claims to be.

Powerful Reporting

Takes the hassle out of managing your
field staff

Software for Employee Tracking

Real time Employee Location

View the last known location of all your employees.

Attendance tracking

Know when they are working.

Intelligent Daily Summary

View location and activity summaries along with mileage and meeting data.

Location History

Data is stored for 3 months.
Best Employee Monitoring Software
 Best Employee Tracking

Downloadable Reports

Reports in daily, weekly and monthly format available for download.

Charts and Report Analysis

Important metrics shown as bar graphs and detailed report analysis of employees in Daily, Weekly and Monthly format.


Start tracking in under 5 minutes.

Employee Tracking Software India

Create users

Login to your account and create a user.

Employee Monitoring Software India

Start Tracking

Download the Jupsoft app on your phone, login using the login token and mark your attendance.

Best in Class Features

Application Features
Accurate location tracking
Track while they are on duty or automatically based on schedule
Marking attendance
Mileage tracking
Create geo-tagged clients
Mark geo-verified meetings
Upload geo-tagged photos
Upload geo-tagged form data
Reliable and fool proof
Works without internet, automatically pushes data when you connect
Knows when people disable GPS or disable location permissions
IMEI validation to ensure person
Finger print and Facial recognition to ensure the right person is using the app
Low power and data consumption
Admin Panel Features
View real time location of your staff
View monthly attendance
View detailed movements and activity details on daily report
Download detailed daily / weekly / monthly excel reports
Create and view all the clients you have
Create multiple admins so that you can segregate data (region or function wise)
Define different types of geo fences i)Basic geofence:
Get alerted when they enter or exit the geo fence
ii) Attendance geofence:
Employees can only mark attendance from a particular area
iii) Time bound geofence:
Define a time during which you expect to be in an area, get alerted if they enter late or leave early
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