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Colleges and universities offer hundreds of courses and programmes under different disciplines. Also, several courses get added to each discipline every year. Therefore, the number of applicants and enrolees keep growing with each passing year. To manage the applications, enquiries, and other processes, colleges can integrate college management software in their system.

What is college management software?

College management software is basically an ERP solution or CRM integrated with college-specific modules to handle fee collection, admissions, library management, curriculum management, staff management, and other processes. It streamlines the daily operations of the colleges and allows them to focus on increasing their admissions and other core business aspects.

Scope Of College Management Software

New colleges and institutions are being inaugurated every year. Even online classrooms and e-learning courses are becoming popular these days. To sustain the fiercely competitive market, colleges have to integrate new and improved digital solutions to their system.

A college management CRM or ERP can help colleges streamline their processes and achieve digital transformation. Adding new courses, uploading time-tables, managing leaves of teachers and other staff, payroll management, and other processes can be simplified through this software.

College management software can be used to streamline the admission process for online visitors. The visitors can be directed to specific courses based on their interests and academic credentials. Parents can use this platform to determine the right courses for their child.

The students can fill and submit the application forms online. Tracking the status of their application, payment of the course fees, and other formalities could also be completed digitally. It not only makes the admission process paper-free but also reduces much of the administrative burden from the staff.

A college management solution may include other modules for these activities or processes:

  • The notifications regarding exams or fee reminders can be sent automatically to the students.
  • The entrance exams and other MCQ based exams can be created through AI-based assessment generators.
  • The individual scores of the students can be evaluated automatically to create and update scorecards on the respective portals. The automation of these processes will also increase the productivity of staff and teachers.
  • College management software (CMS) can also be used as a communication platform between teacher-students and parents-teachers. Course curricula and syllabus can be uploaded and modified online as per the requirements.

What makes our CMS standout from the others?

At Jupsoft, we specialise in creating innovative digital solutions as per your requirements. We create highly advanced ERP solutions for schools, colleges, and institutes based on cloud-technologies.

Our customised offerings allow the colleges, junior colleges, and universities to manage their complex processes. Some of the core modules of our college management software include:

  1. Admission Management: To handle the queries, register the applications, and enrol the students in a hassle-free way
  2. Fee Management System: To collect the fees, send timely reminders, and offer easy fee payment methods to the parents
  3. Student/Staff Attendance Management: To record the attendance of students and staff members regularly. It also sends alerts to the parents if the student misses the lectures.
  4. Communication Management: To streamline the communication between teacher-student and teacher-parents
  5. 5. Online classes: It helps the colleges to introduce online courses i.e. distance education programmes in their course list

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