school fees made easier.

give parents the flexibility to pay now or pay later with automated reconciliation and analytics


parents want to pay digitally, from their homes or workplaces


parents will like the flexibility to pay for school bills later in some months


users are motivated with rewards and incentives while making purchases

how we help schools.

we mapped the fee collection journey for parents and schools and identified places where we could bring simplicity, convenience and flexibility.

zenda enables parents to pay through the app, where ever when ever, through any digital mode of their choice

with zenda parents can split their school fees into monthly payments. no hidden charges, instant approvals

everyone likes to feel special. through our partners, we make every transaction rewarding

collections through bank transfers, online methods, cash on the counter, or post dated cheques require manual reconciliation and are time consuming. with zenda, we automate and bring it all together

your team spends hours to prepare a report but by the time it reaches you, its likely dated. with zenda, get data and insights on whatsapp real time

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