Jupsoft eConnect-Pro

In the face of growing competition, every institution has to deal with diverse challenges while working on its core aim of imparting quality education. All departments like HR, Finance, IT, Administration, Admission, Examination, etc. try their best to overcome the humongous task of operating within shrinking budgets, limited resources and tight deadlines while providing transparency and avoiding errors.

Jupsoft eConnect Pro comes as a saviour for such institutes. With Jupsoft eConnect Pro, educational institutes can manage all processes like admissions, attendance, fee management, financial accounting, library management, exam management, payroll, schedules, transport management, scholarships, canteen management, hostel management, etc. with ease and efficiency. It is designed to speed up various tasks in a single institute or across different campuses with modules and features that benefit educators, students, and staff alike. It provides relevant and reliable information at the click of a button; and ensures enhanced brand image, increased transparency, faster processes, regular communication between stockholders, and adherence to guidelines and norms for accreditation, affiliation, etc.

Kindergarten to 12th | School Management Software (offline) | Online Time Table | Online Examination

Jupsoft eConnect Pro is totally flexible & scalable, and works with minimum customization on the existing system, thus promising quick configuration and pocket friendly solutions with no heavy upfront investments. It also meets the increasing demand of a cashless and paperless ecosystem for a greener and cleaner campus with secure online transactions and data handling ability.

Value for All…

Value Proposition for the Management

  • Single point management
  • Enhanced next-generation branding and image
  • Transparency in process
  • Hassle-free records management
  • Effective communication between all stakeholders
  • No redundancy with centralized and secure database
  • Bird’s eye view of institute functions at the click of a mouse
  • Easy to obtain authentication, certifications and approvals with streamlined processes
  • Maximum ROI
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes
  • Flexible, scalable and upgradable solution

Value Proposition for Parents and Students

  • Effective communication with minimum response time
  • Active participation in institute activities
  • Notices, circulars, assignments, performance reports, transport details, weekly schedules, resources & question bank can be viewed and downloaded online
  • Parents and students profile can be updated and edited with permission from admin
  • Access to list of books in the library and e-books in the portal.
  • Payment of fees, statement of fees and online receipt
  • Online performance report and graphical analysis of a student
  • SMS and email alerts
  • Access to educational resources
  • Child’s safety through GPS tracking

Value Proposition for Teachers

  • Automated student attendance
  • Automated time-table generator
  • Easy and manageable records
  • Easy to consolidate and generate reports
  • Remote tracking of student activities via the portal
  • Direct and assured communication with parents
  • Easy to issue notices, circulars, sudden information, etc.
  • Easy to upload assignments, additional resources, worksheets, etc.
  • Can enter data anytime, anywhere
  • Easy access to student’s performance report for new teachers, tutors, other centres, etc.


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