Rebooting Education: Shifting Online

Rebooting Education: A Shift of Education Industry to Online Ecosystem

Monday | May 11, 2020

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading its malicious wings across the globe, there is a widespread sense of fear, panic and confusion. Declared a Pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 has been the cause of rapidly intensifying economic effects worldwide. People in India have also been compelled to stay at home, amid a nationwide lockdown, to check the spread of the disease.

Internet has proved to be a major saviour globally – be it for entertainment or learning – enabling people to work, stay connected, learn new skills or simply keep boredom at bay. Home became the new office and work resumed with the help of technology. The education industry also followed suit.

The education system, which was totally disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, rebooted itself in a new avatar – the online classrooms.

More and more schools have begun moving online, highlighting the enormous possibilities and potential of technology in education.

However, not all schools, colleges and educational institutions have been able to connect with their students yet. Some are still searching for the correct platform, while others are still worried about students’ connectivity issues. While yet others are worried about teachers’ and staff’s compatibility, competency or computer literacy.

We at Jupsoft Technologies understand that no one was prepared for a crisis like this. Our executives therefore are available 24 x 7 to help you know exactly how you can reach your students, and make the best of technology to fulfill academic goals. Right from technological advice, solutions, and training, Jupsoft offers reliable, efficient, simple and comprehensive solutions for online schooling.

At present, there are many ways to utilize LMS for School and enable remote learning. They are:

  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Video enabled virtual classrooms
  • Online quizzes
  • Online Assignments
  • Podcasts, etc.

Jupsoft’s eConnect is a platform that enables video tutorials and presentations to be uploaded that can be viewed at students’ convenience, without bothering about connectivity issues or availability of smart devices at a particular time. Teachers can also upload assignments, projects, quizzes, etc., and send & receive chat messages with students without sharing personal numbers. Along with sharing lectures and resource material, eConnect also facilitates online assessments and examinations, which can be attempted and submitted by students remotely.

Coronavirus has forced people to think of new ways to communicate and learn. Education technology was never as crucial as it is in the current scenario. We believe, technology will soon redefine the whole education system and infrastructure for a more effective, positive, and adaptive learning.

Till then, stay home, stay safe, stay connected!