Tech-driven Pedagogy The Teacher's Viewpoint

Thursday, November 22, 2018

MMost teachers feel that technology has opened up new avenues for both learners and educators, but many are still apprehensive about using gadgets and electronic devices in their classrooms. Although classrooms are being made increasingly tech-enabled, the full potential of technology is yet to be explored and used by teachers at large.

Thus, it is imperative to impart hands-on training to educators for using these tech tools in their day-to-day teaching. A mere knowledge of how to operate gadgets and basic computer literacy may not be enough to make them use these innovative tools. Motivation, awareness, practice, and creativity will also play an important part to jolt them out of the conventional methods, paving the way to dynamic teaching.

Tech-tools have made the educational system more creative, more interactive, less monotonous and much more engaging. Testing software is another popular tech tool that has revolutionized the assessment experience for both teachers as well as for students.

It is a well known fact that every student learns at a different pace. Teachers believe that with the help of tech tools, they can take care of individual learning needs. The same content can be reinforced through different media for students with different learning styles. Also, technology makes it easy for students to assimilate ideas and understand the concepts at their own pace. They can practice, assess and re-learn the concepts any time they wish to.

Educators have also noticed that interesting ways of imparting knowledge have resulted in better retention power and an enhanced attention span of students.

Another benefit that technology has made possible is the proximity of teachers to learners at all times. Teachers can now be accessed through social learning platforms even outside school hours, and thus be able to aid or guide students whenever necessary. Such sites can also be used to share learning resources,

worksheets, videos, projects, etc. for a better learning experience and a wider reach.

In short, tech tools are a boon when used in conjunction with traditional teaching. They not only make things easier, but also save precious time, which can be devoted to weaker students.