Top 5 ERP for Schools and Educational Institutes

Gone are the days when parents used to queue up in front of schools for every single process like admissions, paying the fees, viewing the progress reports, or even meeting the teachers! The teachers too are now free of administrative tasks like collecting money for events, noting attendance, preparing reports, ensuring homework is noted down for each student, giving handouts, notices, following up on irregular students, etc., and have more time to focus on students’ performance. Now communication, notifications, payments, progress reports, HR reports, payroll, transport, etc. is available at the click of a mouse! Thanks to ERP systems, all stakeholders like students, parents, teachers, and administrators have the information they need at their fingertips!

However, selecting the right ERP system for your school can be tricky. There are numerous school ERP providers in the market, each providing different features and options. Understanding your requirements and acquiring the ERP system that fits your need best, is the key to efficient school management.

Here is a list of Top 5 ERP systems for schools and educational institutes:

1. Jupsoft eConnect K12
Topping the list is Jupsoft eConnect K12 – one of India’s leading cloud-based school management software – which is preferred by schools for its user-friendly, efficient, secure and flexible modules that streamline the entire school management process. eConnect’s affordable and customizable software and mobile app takes the teaching and learning experience to the next level with its updated and ever increasing portfolio that includes eLearning, biometrics, assessments, API integration, social media integration, AI integration and much more… For more reasons to connect with eConnect, click here.

2. The Schoolin
This is another top-ranking ERP software that also offers a mobile app. Data access becomes easy with this lightweight software that provides information about various school processes on a single dashboard. Different modules like student management system, lesson planning, transport management, attendance management, payroll management, etc enable hassle-free execution of daily administrative tasks.

3. Schoolbic
Schoolbic is a simplistic, easy to use online school management software with mobile app. A secure and reliable software integrated with payment gateways, this software is supported by an excellent tech-support team.

4. HDSchool
HDSchool is the perfect software if you need fee management, homework management, library management, attendance management, time table management or payroll management. With most of the essential modules in place, this software can handle all the basic tasks of school administration.

5. School ERP
This software is easy to implement in schools and can be used by teachers having basic computer knowledge. However, this is not a cloud-based ERP, thus requires installation of servers and hardware for running the application.

Acquiring the right ERP system for your institution is the first step towards smart school management. If you wish to get the most out of your ERP system, contact us.