API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is the APIs that help different websites and applications to communicate, coordinate and share information amongst them. These machine-readable interfaces that share information are known as APIs.
APIs are extremely useful for School websites. Whether you wish to share data about students’ progress, share educational resources, or put up notices regarding national competitions, APIs are essential for seamless communication and navigation to different websites or applications.
Jupsoft offers various API based services for the school websites and mobile applications. They include:
Content database
Report database
Search help for students researching on relevant topics
Fee database and financial transactions
Latest news
Image /video gallery
Online exams
Social networking
Integrated learning with online resource platforms such as Khan Academy, etc.
APIs have been incredibly valuable for the promotion of eLearning and virtual classrooms as well. Organizing and administering live classes becomes simple with the help of a virtual classroom API and a set of other powerful educational tools like:

Chat facility
Interactive whiteboard facility
Real-time audio-visual communication
Online resource materials
Direct playing of videos/content from other websites like YouTube, etc.
Direct access to interactive platforms like PearDeck, etc.
Automatic attendance tracking
Automatic progress monitoring, etc.

APIs make the learning experience more interactive, social and enjoyable. Integration becomes quick and seamless, helping in achieving better learning outcomes. What’s interesting is that APIs can be added to any learning management system, course management system, website or a platform with a few simple clicks!

To know more about how APIs can enhance your website’s performance and user experience, do give us a call!