Online Fee Management Software

Technology is supposed to make human lives easier, but now it has become more of a necessity than a luxury. COVID-19 has made it imperative to migrate to online platforms for most of our work. Money has also taken an online avatar, pushing people towards contact less and cashless payments.

Schools, colleges and other educational institutes are now providing online classes for their students. But teaching is just one part of the whole picture. Keeping track of fees during these difficult times, when payment terms are different for each parent, may be a little tricky. Some parents are paying quarterly, while others are paying monthly. Some have deferred payments, while others have refunds due to fee rollback. Yet others need discounts or waivers.
The education industry now requires a fully Automated Fee Management System. There was a time when a simple Excel Sheet would suffice. But now, the need of the day is a flexible and automated fee management system that allows the administrators to do much more than simply calculate fees and store data. The whole process is critical for any institution and includes multiple tasks like developing a fee structure, calculating fees, generating invoices, collecting fees, following up on cheques, calculating and collecting dues, generating receipts, entering data, maintaining records, accounting, etc.

This is where we step in. Jupsoft eConnect Fee Management Module automates the whole process, thereby eliminating the need for repeated data entries and tiresome, time taking manual efforts.

Here is how Jupsoft eConnect helps in streamlining the fee process:

  • Setting up the Customized fee structure
  • Spelling out the components
  • Defining the payment cycle (can be user defined)
  • Sending notification to parents
  • Setting up Concession structures
  • Syncing with multiple inbuilt payment gateways
  • Collecting payments by integrating multiple modes
  • Generating receipts
  • Preparing report on payments collected
  • Sending reminders and notifications to defaulters
  • Calculating fines
  • Refunding and reverting fees
  • Preparing comprehensive reports on total collection and dues

Fee Collection is now easy. We have multiple option to accept Fee

Option 1 : By Parent Portal (Login thru Web browser)
Option 2 : Using Mobile App
Option 3 : Send a link to parents via SMS using ERP then parents can make payments.

Feature for accepting Excess/Partial Fee is also now available in ERP

Benefits at a glance:

  • Online transactions minimize cash handling
  • No queues for fee payment
  • Instant printable online receipts
  • Easy tracking of pending payments and defaulters
  • Quick reports and summaries
  • Transparent, secure, automated and error-free process
  • 24X7 information and transaction facility
  • Saves time, effort and money

A crisis such as COVID-19 is an opportunity to equip ourselves for the future… to adapt to the situation, think of alternative ways of doing things and adopting practices that will not be affected by such situations again.

If you are still using backdated fees management processes, the time to switch is NOW! Connect with us at Jupsoft eConnect for a smooth, simple and efficient fees management experience.