Live Classes and Online Assessments

Are you facing troubles with too many platforms for your students? Do your students have to login to a different platform for classes, and some other platform for assignments, schedules, resources, etc.? Are they constantly juggling between website, CMS and LMS? We know it can be difficult for students, especially for those connecting from a mobile phone!
Make Things Simple
Now you can uncomplicate the learning experience with a single platform! Jupsoft eConnect brings you the ease of a single platform for all your teaching and learning needs. Now students can join live classes directly from their mobile app! Just a single sign in takes them to your school/college dashboard as well as to their classes. It does not matter whether you are using Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Zoom, or any other platform for your live classes, we can integrate it with the ERP for a seamless experience! You can access all the features like managing classes, using multimedia content for teaching, tracking attendance etc.
No more worrying about whether students have the right accounts or plug-ins. Even when they are on the go or shifting devices, one portal is all they need for all their school work.
Easy Assessments
Assignments and assessments are an integral part of our education system. eConnect offers the facility of both in the ERP. Assignments can be uploaded and assigned through the ERP itself. The facility to upload documents, audios and videos makes handing in assignments easier; and teaching more interactive and fun!
eConnect makes assessing students easier than ever! IExam offers tools to create assessments, examinations of both objective and subjective nature. One portal does it all! With advanced features like monitoring and proctoring, the tests can be created and saved in advance, to be published at a set time and date. You can get the proctoring assistance to monitor students to make the exams cheat proof. From restricting opening of multiple tabs to live feed of the camera, we can help you make the exams more effective way of evaluation. What’s more, you can get instant results with objective type tests! For other tests, scores will be updated automatically as they are checked.
Power your online teaching with Jupsoft eConnect integrated platform and avail all of these exciting features:
Synchronized teaching with live classes
Real-time communication with chat facility
Advanced, reliable and secured infrastructure
Fast, user-friendly interface for even the not-so-tech-savvy students and teachers
Content sharing and recording facility
Customization options
Interactive tools like videos, PPTs, polls, pop quizzes, quick tests for formative assessment, etc.
Free consultation and exceptional support

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