Integration of GPS with School ERP

The safety of students is the foremost priority of every school. However, commuting to and from school remains a grey area for the school administration, as well as for the parents. Putting technology to the aid here can result in significant and positive changes in the scenario.
Jupsoft brings you GPS tracking system for all school transportation vehicles integrated with its School ERP platform – eConnect. With the help of the eConnect mobile app, school buses or vans can be tracked in real-time, ensuring security of students and staff alike.
Through real time tracking, parents can get an idea about the pick-up and dropping time of their wards at the scheduled stop, and save time by avoiding long waiting time at the stop. This will also save the children from the hassles of missing the bus.
The GPS tracking solution can be customized to meet specific requirements like managing bus fleets, sending alerts, updates and notifications to parents, optimizing bus routes, checking speed, and keeping a tab on rash driving, etc.
Sometimes, younger students board the wrong bus or get down at the wrong stop, creating panic for parents and the school administration. It can all be avoided with the help of RFID tags/cards that helps track and monitor students, and sends instant alerts regarding the same.
Jupsoft’s GPS tracking system and RFID tracking system can be integrated with any school ERP for complete safety and security of your students.

However, we recommend Jupsoft eConnect advanced Transportation Management Suite for all your transportation management requirements. It can do much more than just track the buses and students. It can also:

Add, remove or manage bus routes
Manage costs
Track vehicles using GPS tracking system
Track students with the help of RFID tags/cards
Send instant notification to parents or guardians via SMS
Calculate fees based on distance or other criteria
Maintain route details and stop details
Enable parents or guardians to view scheduled routes and stops on an online map
Maintain detailed reports of drivers, attendants and bus guards
Notify parents about changes in staff
Notify parents about entry/exit from school and boarding/de-boarding from the bus
Manage and reduce grievances through online messaging facility
Manage change route requests
Providing a safer environment in school and after school can go a long way in building trust and a strong relationship with parents. And needless to say, it saves on cost and time, while ensuring a better brand value for your school! So get rolling!

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