The competition in this tough business world has been ever increasing. With increasing competition, it becomes imperative to monitor every aspect of your business. It is easier to monitor business processes with the help of advanced ERP systems. You can also monitor customer relations with the help of CRM systems. However, it is not so easy to track your employees, especially the ones in the field, who are your most important assets. Field executives represent your company, and have the power to make or mar your impression in the eyes of your valued clients.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working and working from home has also become the norm. Without the right tools, it becomes really challenging to monitor staff’s presence and performance.

This is where an employee tracking software comes in. An advanced employee tracking software like Jupsoft’s Employee Location Tracking Software can help increase accountability of your employees and can be directly linked to enhanced productivity and business efficiency.

The benefits of using Jupsoft’s Employee Location Tracking Software are many. A few are listed below:

  1. Real time monitoring of staff
  2. Complete transparency between employee and employees
  3. Real-time updates
  4. Paperless processes
  5. All information on a single dashboard
  6. Mobile app for anytime-anywhere access and control
  7. Improved service management and scheduling
  8. Quicker allocation of tasks
  9. Task status tracking
  10. Easier calculation of variable pay
  11. Instant communication with notifications and alerts
  12. Geotag enabled software for precise information
  13. Pocket-friendly
  14. No extra hardware required
  15. Improved decision making ability based on data
  16. Free from manual errors
  17. Better compliance
  18. Enhanced security management
  19. Manage social distancing
  20. Easy contact tracing
  21. Efficient and data-driven dispute management
  22. Data-driven employee performance evaluation
  23. Highly customizable

Employee tracking software eliminates the need for manual supervision of employees. In these tough times of the pandemic, when social distancing is essential for functioning, this software can prove to be a boon for employers. It can be used to ensure that the employees keep a prescribed distance from each other. By automating the tracking and warning them with the help of alarms and alerts, it can be easier to maintain social distancing and identify repeated offenders.

Creating contact tracing reports can also become easy with such software. In case of an alert of infection, employees who had come in contact with the infected employee can be instantly alerted and quarantined.

This software also eliminates the need for manual attendance. With real-time tracking, determining variable pay, verifying transport vouchers, and calculating overtime payment becomes easier as well. Rewards and motivational benefits for top-performing employees can also be based on data, thereby eliminating favouritism and disputes. Dispute handling can become effortless and quicker too, with all data and records at your fingertips.

Most importantly, this software helps keep your employees safe by ensuring compliance with security requirements.

For more details on Jupsoft’s Employee Location Tracking Software and how it can best suit your requirements, contact us.