Technology has invaded every arena of the educational sector; admissions being no different from the rest. The admission process is not as simple as it used to be a few years back, and has evolved to be a complex procedure involving multiple tasks, a good amount of data handling and lots of manual time & effort.

Simply digitizing the admission process is not enough these days. The need of the day is a hassle-free, quick and easy solution that can take care of the whole process, right from prospect management to admissions.

A sophisticated admission management system like Jupsoft Online School Admissions scores over the manual procedure with multiple benefits:

Anywhere, anytime operations

Students may apply from anywhere through online forms. The admission process can carry on even during emergencies like the COVID-19 lockdown!

No queues

No need to queue up to first collect the form, seek help in filling it, correcting errors, and then queuing up again to submit the same. Saves loads of time and effort for both the applicants and the clerical staff.

Minimal errors

No more errors in data handling as all data automatically enters the data base and gets sorted at the same time. No more efforts in deciphering bad handwriting! And, no more incomplete forms. Only those forms that are complete in all respects can be submitted, ensuring complete information at one go. Supporting documents can also be uploaded for records.

Informed decision

System generated quick and accurate reports can help in quality decision-making and in short-listing students.

Instant communication

Communication plays a major role in keeping the stakeholders connected and in developing a relationship. It can be efficiently managed via email, SMS, live chat options, or push notifications. Automated communication helps avoid unnecessary queries, explanations and response. It makes process execution faster and easier.

Wider reach

With education going online, it is imperative to have a robust online admission process as well. The more accessible an institute, the better the opportunities. A sophisticated digital footprint can attract the best of faculties, students and even accreditation from the stalwarts of international educational arena.

Brand value

A smart admission process can also have a huge impact on the rankings and brand image of a school, college or university. After all, it is the first interaction with an institute, and the first impression matters a lot in perception management.


Here’s a quick look at the salient features of our admission management system:

  1. Enquiry management: Tracking admission queries, sorting data, maintaining records and following up with standard communication
  2. Online Application forms: Designing customized forms for applicants
  3. Application management: Storing, sorting, and tracking application forms. Sending automated communication on successful submission of application.
  4. Generating reports: Generating comprehensive reports with detailed analysis on the basis of applications received to aid decision making and short-listing of candidates.
  5. Sorting applications: Sorting approved and rejected applications. Sending communication for successful candidates, rejected candidates, second-level interaction, etc.
  6. Easy syncing ability: Jupsoft’s Online School Admissions can be synced with any ERP system previously existing in the school/institute for smooth and efficient data handling and work processes

The admission procedure builds the first impression and provides a preview of the institution where one will study for the next few years. An old-school image may be a deterrent to today’s students, who are full of aspirations for a brighter future and expect a futuristic approach to all things around them!

We at Jupsoft are there to help you catch the vibes of today’s applicants and present them with a futuristic experience with our products and services that can be customized to suit your requirements and match your institution’s image and values.