Comprehensive Learning Management for Schools and Educational Institutes

Discover a whole new way and ease of delivering online education with the help of eConnect eLearning tools. Now you can create and publish your syllabus and content, conduct classes, respond to queries, organize discussions, showcase your students’ talent, conduct quizzes, assessments and online exams, and even share reports with parents – all on a single platform! You can even collect online payments with the help of multiple payment gateways.

eConnect is a blend of effective design and advanced technology that is perfect for both teaching students as well as for training teachers. It offers an interactive learning environment for students in a class, keeping them engaged and active. It is now so much easier for both students and teachers to create, upload, upgrade, and access data from anywhere and anywhere across devices. With different user interfaces (Administrator, Instructor, Learner) it provides effortless user functionality management and access control.

What schools love about eConnect?

  • Live classroom with screen sharing, whiteboard, hand-raising facilities.
  • Classes can be recorded and the same can be used for reviews, revision or reinforcing concepts. This is extremely beneficial for students who could not attend live lectures due to connectivity problems or other reasons.
  • Blended learning solutions and customized eLearning tools to meet specific requirements of schools and institutes. Synchronous and asynchronous learning activities can be combined for a more dynamic pedagogy.
  • Multiple instructors can be added for discussions and lectures.
  • Flipped classroom facility with students taking the onus of learning through teaching.
  • More interactive learning with features like discussion boards, polling tools, quizzes, display boards, etc.
  • Assessments and automated evaluation facility with instant reports and online certificates.
  • Tracking student performance, monitoring their participation & content usage and sharing reports with parents.
  • Holding webinars, conferences, assemblies and live streaming the same for the benefit of parents and other stakeholders.
  • eConnect eLearning solution can be integrated with your school website or other existing learning management systems for seamless experience.
  • Cloud-based LMS
  • Ability to customize users roles
  • 24/7 support
  • Last but not the least – surety, safety and security that is backed by Jupsoft Technologies – a name that is trusted by thousands of happy customers.

Let’s collaborate to make eLearning more engaging and accessible for all…