In today’s highly competitive educational landscape, most schools are opting for ERP solutions to streamline and organize data that is spread across its multiple departments. While some ERP solutions require on-premise infrastructure, others are Cloud-based and use SaaS (Software as a Service) for deployment of ERP.

Traditional ERP solutions are often housed within the school’s premises and require regular updates to stay abreast of the times. On the other hand, Cloud-based ERP relies on the cloud rather than proprietary server infrastructure to help educational institutions share information across various departments and with its multiple stakeholders. They run on shared computing resources that are maintained in remote data centers and can be accessed via the Internet.

If we talk about functions, the main difference between Cloud ERP and on-premise ERP is the physical location of the software and servers. Both traditional and Cloud ERP provide the same functionality. While on-premise ERP solutions typically require a large upfront payment for hardware, infrastructure and licenses, Cloud-based ERP usually comes as a flexible subscription plan that may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Listed below are some of the main advantages of the Cloud-based ERP as compared to traditional on-premise ERP solutions.

  • Saves upfront costs related to infrastructure such as hardware and data servers
  • Reduces need for IT staff as support is provided by ERP service provider
  • Saves cost of buying and renewing expensive software licenses
  • Hassle-free updates and upgrades
  • Maintenance-free platform
  • Anywhere, anytime access ensures that you can control, monitor and manage the activities and processes even when you are away or are travelling!
  • Pay only for the features you use – flexible and scalable services
  • Fixed all-inclusive subscription plans help you stick to the budget
  • Faster deployment and quicker resolution of issues as most problems can be handled remotely
  • A secured data base, as service providers are extra careful of data security for the sake of their own reputation.
  • Regular back-ups are a part and parcel of the package.
  • Lesser prone to crashes and bugs
  • Use on any device connected to the internet

Cloud-based ERP has been constantly growing in popularity due to the benefits it offers over traditional ERP solutions. Choose a reliable Cloud-based ERP solution provider like Jupsoft that offers customized solutions to suit the needs of every educational institution – be it a University, College, School, group of schools, or a lone Coaching Center!

Contact us to know more about our Cloud-based solutions and how we can help you stay ahead of competition. Save precious resources & money, and gain new efficiencies with the help of our scalable, flexible and effective ERP solutions.