An alumnus is a valuable asset for any educational institute. Developing and maintaining alumni relations is essential for institutions that wish to set their prominence.
Alumni should be treated as a strategic asset for multiple reasons. They are the brand ambassadors of the institute they have studied in and can influence the admissions. They can also be potential recruiters of fresh pass outs or hire trainees from the institute. They may also extend their help through donations, memberships, volunteering and connections. Some may even join as faculty members and prove to be useful resources – all without having to spend money on elaborate recruitment processes.
However, managing alumni details and putting them to use when in need can prove to be a tricky business. But worry not, Jupsoft eConnect has just the solution for you! eConnect built-in Alumni Management facility can help in building long lasting and fulfilling relationships with your alumni.
eConnect Alumni Portal is linked to your school website and can be accessed by former students through a login id and password. It is an interactive platform where they can network among themselves and with the school. It encourages active participation through facilities like chat, group creation, bulletin board, message board, video conferencing, etc.

Here’s some of the ways in which it can help:
1. Data Management
Alumni data management is essential. Details pertaining to them should be regularly updated and be kept in a secure database. eConnect Alumni Management solution allows an institute to engage and grow their alumni community effectively, by providing a safe and secure database and ease of uploading and editing details at a click.
2. Maintaining Relationships
Cultivating and engaging the alumni community requires trust and a high sense of pride and belonging. One should always keep in touch with their alumni through events, newsletters, mailers, blogs, forums, workshops, fundraisers, etc. The Alumni Management portal handles all these tasks with ease and with minimum time and efforts.
3. Building a Brand Name
A branded online platform enhances the emotional link and pride, thereby increasing the level of engagement of the alumni community. An advanced platform helps to add more value and foster a sense of belonging and exclusivity.
4. Marking your Target
All of the alumni community will not be interested in every piece of information they may receive. Instead of burdening them with unnecessary information, sort your target audience and send them relevant information to keep their interest alive. Our alumni management solution can help you to map your network and sort, select and search through the details with ease.
5. Creating Opportunities
The alumni community needs a platform where they can easily access and extract relevant information. Hence, the solution should include opportunities of networking with other members, catching up with their batch mates, availing information related to career and investment, accessing and participating in research projects or further courses, prospects of supporting, sponsoring or volunteering in various projects, etc.
6. Online payments
Raise funds online with the help of integrated online payment gateways. Now donation becomes just a matter of a few clicks!
7. Inspire through the achievers
Alumni achievers are the pride of any institution. Now you can identify and display a list of distinguished alumni on your website. You can also interact with them and help them connect with their alma-mater.
8. Organize successful reunions
Nothing excites the alumni more than a reunion! Now you can plan and organize successful reunions with the help of the portal.
Jupsoft is a leading provider of branded community management platforms and helps institutions of all sizes to grow and engage their community. An Alumni Management portal can prove to be an excellent addition to your school website and promote interactive discussions, information exchange, facility for donations, and much more. If you wish to foster lifelong relationships with your alumni and make them stay connected, do contact us…