Student and Visitor Access Control

The security of schools is becoming a growing concern day by day. In many schools and other educational institutions intruders can wander in and out of the premises with ease, after just a manual sign-in. There is no way of cross-checking whether the details entered are actual or fake at the time of sign-in. Incorrect, incomplete or illegible paper sign-in systems are of little use afterwards in case of an incident.
An institution’s safety and security is largely about prevention and planning ahead. With the help of advanced access control systems, it is possible to control the access to your premises in general, and to critical areas like data Centre, server room, etc. in particular. For example, you can restrict students’ entry to server rooms, staff rooms, etc. A technically sound school can foster a safer and healthier learning environment for students, and provide peace of mind for the faculty and staff. Parents too can be reassured with the knowledge that their children would be safe and secure while in school.
Jupsoft’s integrated security and access control solution helps keep tabs on all aspects of school security and is designed to give you maximum control over the campus. With the help of different technologies like RFID card readers, RFID cards/tags, wireless locks, and surveillance cameras, Jupsoft’s Access Control System can help you determine who can gain entry in your school and who can not.
Jupsoft’s Access Control System allows you to:
Monitor entry and exit of people from school premises
Note entry and exit time along with duration of a person in school
Keep track of everyone while in the campus
Push the Panic button to lockout/lockdown all doors
Send instant notifications during emergencies
Automate attendance
Maintain latecomers’ database
View live video or recorded video from surveillance cameras
Manage multiple locations with a single database
Manage things remotely with the help of a Mobile App
By combining Jupsoft Access Control System along with Jupsoft Visitor Management System, you can make your campus thoroughly secure and up-to-date to meet the rising expectations of the next-gen parents and students.
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