Boosting Attendance

Boosting Attendance

Tuesday | April 24, 2018

School attendance is a baseline factor in determining student success, as students are more likely to succeed in academics when they attend school consistently. It also speaks volumes about the school. Successful schools begin by engaging students and making sure they come to school regularly. When students attend school regularly, their grades and academic skills improve. They also feel more connected to people around them, and develop important social skills and friendships, which are essential for a successful social life. Also, it’s difficult for the teachers and the class to build their skills and progress as a whole if a significant number of students are absent frequently.

Various innovative strategies can be adopted to positively impact attendance in schools and educational institutions. One of them is to deploy a cloud and mobile-based attendance management system. Given below are a few pointers for regular and improved class strength.

  • Record and keep track of a student’s attendance through RFID and Biometric based attendance management system. This way, human errors can be eliminated.
  • Connect with parents and report absence via email notifications, SMS alerts and push messages. Direct communication with parents and guardians regarding absence can deter students who like to remain absent for no particular reason.
  • All students do not have the same learning style. A personalized learning plan with digital learning tools can help engage students, resulting in enhanced attendance and a successful academic life.
  • Freedom to select subjects and combinations of their choice can keep students interested and motivated. An automated timetable scheduling system can help schools to offer more to the students with least efforts.
  • Online tests, quizzes, surveys, projects, etc. can encourage students to improve their knowledge and skills. Online assessments and evaluation process can take away the fear and stress of exams from students.
  • Improve interactions via chat and discussion forums. Interaction with other students, peers, and counselors can help students overcome hesitations and get involved in the class.
  • Rewards and recognition for regular attendance, exemplary behavior, achievements, etc. can also be a motivational factor and impact attendance positively. Picture gallery, video gallery, etc. can also help to showcase hidden talents and gain acknowledgement and recognition in school.
  • Keeping parents updated regarding attendance
  • Gathering feedback on teaching and courses through online evaluation forms can improve teaching effectiveness. By analyzing and reviewing student responses, one can bring in the required changes to stimulate interest and maintain a high level of attendance.

If you are looking to boost attendance in your institution, improve collaborative learning and ensure better academic outcomes, be sure to give us a call.