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Hostel Management

Monday, November 06, 2017

Managing Hostels and Dormitories Efficiently

Managing hostels and dormitories was never this easy! With the advent of the Hostel Management module of Jupsoft eConnect, now you can do a lot more at the click of a mouse! Right from admission, allocation of rooms, monitoring attendance, recording check-in and check-out times to managing disciplinary logs, visitor entries and taking care of charges – you name it and we have it all!

The hostel is an important aspect of an educational institution and a lot depends on it when it comes to selection of institutions with residential facilities. For students, it is a home away from home, and the more well managed and secure it is, the better it is for both parents and administrators.

eConnect’s Hostel Management module is an advanced software that helps in keeping all records updated, transparent and accessible. Details pertaining to students, their meal plans, their room types, transfers, other facilities, services availed, mess charges, laundry charges, medical history, etc. can be checked and monitored easily. The solution also helps in improving and maintaining the quality of services by gathering a feedback on a regular basis. Students, parents and the management can access the software from anywhere and get updates on daily activities. This helps in maintaining discipline and is a boon for parents, who can still monitor their wards’ activities while being away. Automated calculation of charges, automated messages to fee defaulters and online payment facilities are other popular features of the solution.

Module Highlights

  • Admission management
  • Online room reservation facility
  • Automated bed allocation facility
  • Complete mess management
  • Inventory management
  • Fee calculation and management
  • Automated receipts
  • Automated updating of room transfers, vacancy, maintenance status, etc
  • Managing entry into and exit from campus with the help of automated gate pass, RFID, etc.
  • Disciplinary log maintenance
  • Warden management
  • Guest/Visitor management and record maintenance
  • Deployment on cloud or on-premises software
  • Automatic data backup, easy upgrades, software integration
  • Customized mobile App with automated notifications and alerts

For reducing time, efforts, manual errors, operational costs and lapses, implement eConnect’s Hostel Management module NOW! In return you will gain maximum ROI, a good reputation, parents’ trust and an easy solution that keeps your staff happy!