Points to Consider while Choosing a Faculty Management Solution

Faculty Management Solution

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

New technologies are constantly changing the scene of education. Most institutes have employed or wish to employ ERP solutions for efficiency and ease. But not all implementations turn out to be successful or simple. Rather, they increase the complications, or turn out to be more demanding in terms of time and efforts. Hence, one should be very careful while choosing a solution. It is best to go for a demo first.

Faculty is the greatest asset for any higher educational institution. A great faculty can transform how the students learn and create an aura of innovation, creativity and excellence. A faculty management solution is a must for a good institution for the same reason. Here are a few tips on evaluating a potential Faculty Management Solution before buying it.

  • Data : Informed decisions and accurate reports are all based on data. Hence, having full data for all types of faculties – full time, part time, ad hoc, etc. – is essential. Find out if the solution offered can accommodate all types of data or can be customized to accommodate all your requirements.
  • Integration with existing software : A good solution should be able to integrate seamlessly with the existing campus system and import previously existing data without difficulties. It should provide all those involved in faculty management a single sign-on platform that integrates all the data in an intuitive interface.
  • Security : The solution should be secure, safe, and also have back-up options.
  • Generating reports : Accreditation compliance, course assignments, evaluation and promotion and professional development completion are a few of the many reports required at various points in an institution. Apart from standard report templates, the solution should also have scope for custom-generated reporting facility.
  • User Interface : Most software solutions have different levels of user access. Access roles might include read-only users, IT user, faculty users, administrative users, etc. Be sure to ask if these roles are available and whether they are customizable. Assigning different types of access to different types of users will ensure that people are able to access data and reports according to their roles and authorization only, and not beyond.
  • Training and Support : Training and support are imperative to a smooth implementation of the solution. Be sure to ask what kind of training and continued support are included in the package. The solution provider should have a technical team who can train the staff on best practices and assist with setup, implementation, and customizations.
  • Pricing : Some software companies sell their product in a subscription form. The price can vary according to type and size of the institution. Be sure to ask what deliverables the software license includes, and whether customizations, consulting, training and implementation would cost extra. The price may also vary by year, so be sure to ask if the price in subsequent years will increase, remain the same, or be discounted.

Hope these points will be of help while zeroing in on a Faculty Management Solution for your institution.