Your Trusted Offshore Outsourcing Web Partner in India

The world was outsourcing even when the term ‘outsourcing’ wasn’t coined. We believe there are significant benefits to be gained and new efficiencies that can be unlocked by going offshore and with the maturing of this service segment, it is more about value addition than just the buzz of outsourcing your business to another company in a cost effective geographical economy.

We have been operating a successful offshore web design, application development, SEO and software development services model for almost a decade and have helped realized business benefits for our clients and partners. With a fully equipped developed center located in a business district in New Delhi and a range of technology resource pool available on hand, we offer an outsourcing business proposition that provides the cost and quality advantage bundled together.

Everybody talks about it but it’s important for you understand how it clicks and what makes sense about offshore outsourcing to India and more importantly outsourcing your business to Neuronimbus. So here it goes.

Why Outsource to India

India is the world's second largest exporter of software, and is responsible for the management and technical talent for over 40 per cent of new start-ups in Silicon Valley. Technology services comes naturally to us and today IT services forms the one of the biggest contributor to the Indian GDP, especially from the services sector. To specifically point of the advantages of offshore outsourcing to India.

Cost Benefits: Organizations in developed economies have been able to attain significant cost savings, in most cases around 30-40 percent by outsourcing services to India. Our Infrastructure costs, talent costs and other operations costs are significantly lower and they get passed on to the clients in terms of low fixed costs or hourly billing rates.

Business Agility: Outsourcing your non-core IT projects and operational services makes a lot of economic sense not only because of costs but also because it allows you to free up your internal and local talent to focus on your market dynamics and be more adaptable and agile to respond to customer and market changes.

Quality Output: Offshore outsourcing companies like us, continue to invest in building a great talent pool and offering quality standards that would require huge capital investments to be done by the businesses otherwise. So what you get is internationally high quality output at a fraction of the cost.

Scalability: The market dynamics are ever changing and having an outsourcing partner with you allows you to scale up services and operations at much lower cost and in much less time.

Access to Knowledge: India has the largest English-speaking audience after the U.S. To add to that the constant thrust on new technology initiatives and investment in research and development, the outsourcing partners from India, bring to the table an unmatched access to expertise and knowledgebase.

Our Outsourcing Engagement

We love to engage productively with our clients, whether it’s onshore or offshore. But it’s important to share with you how we have been able to successfully engage with our outsourcing clients and the agility that we bring to the table in order to achieve success while working with us.

There is a precise evaluation of the business requirement that goes into working out the right way to engage and it’s done with a clear approach – to build a business model that is mutually beneficial. There is a high level of flexibility in our approach towards and we explore multiple ways of engagement based on our immediate and long term goals from offshore outsourcing.

  • Time and Material or effort based costing
  • Dedicated resource or team establishment
  • Retainer model
  • Fixed cost or consolidated project based pricing

How We Deliver

Offshore Delivery – Web Services to Mobile Apps

For projects and requirements that are fairly well defined and if the clients are clear about the interim and long term objectives that they have set out to meet, then in that case the offshore delivery model is the best way to go about it. What it means is that right from conceptualization to completion and handover everything is done at our development center here in India and everything is managed here as well. The complete team will comprise of project manager, solution architects, design resources, development resources and quality assurance team members, all working out of the India development center. There are pre-defined processes and well laid out protocols that are followed from setting up communication schedules at your convenient timings to staging platforms for reviewing work in progress in a collaborative environment.

Onsite Delivery

There are specific requirements and projects which necessitate presence of the team resources on the client site and require them to interact and work together with the business process owners more closely. And there are also scenarios where the project scope is fluid and due to nature of the work, it is difficult to quantify and scope out the project requirements in the beginning. Such cases require that qualified resources from Neuronimbus to be placed on the client’s premises. Our responsibilities will include identifying the right resources required for the project and working out the formalities and the processes to ensure that the resources are made available to work on the client site

The best of both (Hybrid)

This is a mix of both offsite and onsite delivery models, and is like the best of both worlds, where cost savings and maximized local connect can be both achieved at the same time. The offsite team works as the backend of the onsite team where the onsite team will comprise of the project managers, consultants and the high level resources whereas the execution or execution support will be provided by the backup team here in India at our development center.


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