Enquiry Management System

Convert more leads/enquiries into sales

eQmate is simple, affordable and ready to use sales lead management software. It helps you to organize and automate your organization's sales process thus letting you focus on more important activities required to accelerate growth.

Many organizations struggle to manage their enquiries, lot of time and effort is wasted in recollecting the history of discussions done with particular customer or prospects since the details are maintained in the cluttered way.


90% of the leads are lost because they are not acted upon quickly. The primary cause of which is mismanagement of lead information. Mainly organizations receive leads from various channels such as website, walk-ins, paper ads, referrals and other sources. The interaction of a lead is either stored incompletely or sometimes it even gets missed. Since they are manually maintained, it might even get misplaced if not digitally recorded.

eQmate, lets you digitally capture each and every interaction with the prospects in more organized way. As the data is stored centrally, it can be easily accessed even across multiple branches.

Most of the deals are lost to competitors due to less follow-up or over follow-ups. Responding quickly to the prospects dramatically increases the chance of winning the deal. With eQmate you can schedule follow-up reminders, so that you do not miss important follow-ups. Once the follow-up is done the interaction with the prospects can also be recorded. Payment follow-up can also be done in eQmate.

Bridge the communication gap between employees across branches. It is difficult to track sales performance of individual branches, sales team sitting at a remote location. eQmate helps you track and review the branch performance and individual employee performance as well. You can create teams for every branch and allocate leads to the sales executives within the team e.g. Mumbai team, Delhi team etc and add employees.

Keep prospects/customers informed.

Marketing campaigns are more effective if it reaches right audience, at the right time. Many a times we send promotional messages to the irrelevant audience. eQmate enables you to manage your campaigns selectively and effectively by providing you with option to send offer mail and sms, to the selective audience depending on the geography, leads that are hot or cold, leads generated from specific source (like newspaper, magazines) and customer type (like corporate group or individuals).

Are you able to track what's working and what's not?

Getting a complete overview of sales is always difficult. Detailed analysis of factors affecting the sales performance is very difficult to track unless a proper process is in place. eQmate gives you complete overview of your sales performance with powerful reporting tool and graphical and statistical analytics in mis and dashboard. Therefore providing you complete analysis on campaign that has worked best for you and one that haven't, the hot selling products, branches contributing highest revenue, referral programs, customer type ratio in terms of individual or corporate group, monthly snapshot of sales prospective closures and more.


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